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New: visualise important round numbers – December 2022

Round numbers attract the market price. Support and resistance also tend to occur around numbers. The highest order volume is executed around round numbers. With the new round numbers tool, you can clearly mark round numbers in the chart. You can also define a zone around every round number. If the market price enters this zone, you'll get an alert.

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See round numbers in your trading charts clearly.

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Investui is our managed account service. The service takes short term positions. In 2020 Investui generated a net profit of +33% at moderate risk for its clients.

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How you can find candlestick patterns easily – November 2022

Use the new detector tool. The new tool allows traders to automate the detection of 18 candlestick patterns in live charts. You can use the candlestick patterns as trading signals. The platform can automatically open a position when a pattern is detected.

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Automatisch kaarspatronen vinden.