Tools and indicators proposed by clients

WH SelfInvest is prepared, within reason, to program trading tools and indicators proposed by clients. The proposed tools and indicators are, when finished, inserted into the NanoTrader trading platform. All clients can use the tools and indicators for FREE. Contact our support desk or use the forum if you wish to propose a tool or an indicator.


ADR target bands Use the daily market ranges to set price targets.
Big candles – Erdal Cene Identify and use big candles.
Coloured moving average Notice when the slope of the moving average changes direction.
Commodities forecast Calculate a price channel to trade commodities.
Customizing charts Set everything exactly the way you want it.
Day comparer Compare and understand daily market movements.
Day delineation Delineate the different trading days.
Day volatility Discover the most suitable trading days. New in NanoTrader.
Displaced chart – Erdal Cene Filter gaps out of charts.
Displaced moving average Shift the moving average forward or backward.
Fractal channel Visualize support and resistance lines. New in NanoTrader.
Hikkake pattern – Daniel Chesler Identify market reversal points.
Hourly volatility histogram Discover when an instrument is most volatile. 
Inside bars – Michael Voigt Identify outside bars and all the subsequent inside bars.
Inventory Retracement Bar – Rob Hoffman Exploit the behaviour of institutions.
Mail & Click serviceSignalRadar Receive trading signals via e-mails. Click to place an order.
Market heatmap Have a clear impression of the size of market movements.
Multi-target tool Manage a position with three profit targets and a stop. 
One day reversal pattern – Jesse Livermore Identify market reversal points on a day chart.
Percentage change Measure the size in percent of any market move. New in NanoTrader.
Point in time Analyse the market between fixed points in time.
Range bars viewer – Helmut Schmidt See where the next range bar will appear. 
Volatility Blocker Make use of rising and falling volatility. New in NanoTrader.
WL Bars – Wim Lievens Remove time from your charts.

ATR Expansion Day – Birger Schäfermeier See when volatility explodes. New in NanoTrader.
Average daily range Indicate the daily trading range and the average trading range.
BB MACD Combine two successful indicators into a trading signal. New in NanoTrader. 
Bollinger oscillators Turn the Bollinger bands into three different oscillators.
Bollinger volatility explosion Watch the volatility explode. 
Daily high-low time Display the daily high and low of a specific time range.
Donchian channel – Birger Schäfermeier Discover these channels used by several well-known traders. 
Elliot oscillator – Linda Raschke See when new highs/lows in momentum and price coincide.
Fibonacci Choose between two different ways to visualize Fibonacci levels.  
Heikin Ashi Histogram Convert the Heikin Ashi candles into a histogram.
KDJ See short term trading signals. New in NanoTrader.
Laguerre RSI – John F. Ehlers Filter the popular RSI and increase its precision.
MACD Histogram Use the histogram to spot imminent MACD crossovers.
Proxy index – Larry Williams Identify trend reversal zones.
Rainbow – Lars Gottwik Highlight trend changes.
Rainbow GMMA – Daryl Guppy Visualise the short and the long term trends.
Stochastics cross Convert the classic stochastics into an oscillator with a signal line.
Traders Dynamic Index Rely on momentum to follow the trend.


In the trading platform you can find the tools and indicators proposed by clients in the WHS Proposals folder: