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The NanoTrader platform

Install NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full
NanoTrader Free: Quick start I Manual I Videos
NanoTrader Full: Quick start I Manual I Videos I Manual backtesting I Manual programming I Videos programming
Free NanoTrader Demo
Note: always launch the Trader Workstation (TWS) platform before launching the NanoTrader Full platform. The platforms will link automatically. In case of doubt, what is displayed on TWS supersedes what is displayed on NanoTrader Full.
Install Trader Workstation
Launch WebTrader
Install an app

Account manager

Go to the account manager:

to see the history of transactions, the account movements and the account statements.

to add or cancel subscriptions for real-time quotes.

to instruct outgoing transfers and to monitor incoming transfers.

Note: incoming transfers will only be accepted if you include your account number (U...) and your name as a message in your transfer instruction. If, after your first transfer, you wish to transfer additional money to your account it is highly recommended you first create a deposit notification in the account manager. When you create the deposit notification you will see the transfer instructions you need to use.

With the Contract Search you have access to more product details like conid, exchanges etc.

Document changes

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System maintenance

Systems maintenance is usually scheduled for the weekend and kept as short as possible. The precise time and duration of the maintenance is not always known and can vary.