Temporary information

Attention: Clients of the Luxembourg office. Our company will replace some of its banking relationships. More information will follow later. In the meantime, please send your transfers only to Banque Internationale à Luxembourg (BIL) S.A.
Receiving bank: BIL S.A., 69 route d’Esch, 2953 Luxembourg
Communication : your account number
Beneficiary: WH SelfInvest SA Avoirs Clients CFD
EUR: LU32 0023 1893 7939 7300
USD: LU51 0023 1893 7938 5900
CHF: LU36 0023 1893 7939 4900

Account reporting

The history of transactions, account movements and the account statements can be found directly in your trading platform.

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System maintenance

Please be aware of a potential maintenance window from Friday 22:00 until Sunday 22:00. During this time the Demo and/or the Live system may not be available. The precise time and the duration of the maintenance are not known in advance and can vary.