These free drawing tools support the trading strategies of well-known professional traders. They are not complete trading strategies which can simply be automated.

The drawing tools do not replace the books, training seminars or coaching provided by these professional traders. They are a practical starting point for clients who read a book or attended a seminar and who are now sitting alone at home with a chart in front of them, ready to start trading.


"The task of a trader is to concentrate on the tracks left by other market participants. Using tracks left by the 'herd' a good trader can determine in which direction and towards which target the herd is moving, where the herd is likely to rest and, most importantly, when the herd, gripped by panic, will start to run. It is crucial for the 'hunter' not to meet the herd head-on, only to be trampled by it. This happens frequently when traders oppose the trend either due to [...] lack of knowledge regarding market structure or [...] when they fail to recognize a trend reversal." Video: Erdal Cene uses the drawing tool.

A zigzag trendline with buy/sell, sideways and trend reversal zones.


"[...] it is possible to combine different trading techniques in a single trade. [...] three different techniques are available in market structure-based trading. These techniques are: break-out trading, movement trading and trend trading".

A zigzag trendline with buy/sell, sideways and trend reversal zones. Two trailing stops, one based on candlesticks, the other based on the zigzag are available