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  • Five trading strategies are available for free in the NanoTrader Free platform.
  • Many of the strategies have been designed by famous traders.
  • New trading strategies are added regularly.
  • You can set up your own trading strategies. Programming is not required.
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  • All trading strategies can be traded manually or (semi-)automatically.



The Gap Reversal strategy was first described by trader David Pieper in Traders magazine. [...]
Gap Reversal


His Proxy Index is one of the indicators to which Larry Williams pays the most attention. [...]
LW proxy index free


The Volatility Break-out strategy was developed by Larry Williams, a U.S. trader-author. [...]
LW volatility break-out


The 1-Minute Breaks strategy is a high-tempo trading strategy which gives numerous signals. [...]
1 minute breaks

Forex Gap Close

This trading strategy focuses on forex price gaps which can occur between Friday close and Sunday open. [...]
forex gap close

Range Break-out

This trading strategy identifies sideways movements and exploits break-outs with or against the trend. [...]
range break out


Commodities Forecast is a swing trading strategy used to trade commodities. [...]


This day trading / scalping strategy is based on three unique components and has a high hit rate. [...]
trading mad rebound

T-Line Scalping

Typical for scalping the T-Line Scalping strategy focuses on speed, simplicity and precision. [...]
trading T Line Scalping


Linda Raschke claims that "For [...] flips, the Momentum Pinball strategy can't be beaten". [...]
trading momentum pinball


The Trading Range FX Scalper strategy is a forex scalping strategy based on trading range break-outs. [...]
trading range fx scalper


The Trading Range Index Scalper strategy is a scalping strategy based on trading range break-outs for European [...]
trading range index scalper

Morning Buy EU

An uncomplicated strategy for EU market indices. Trades at 7h30 or 9h30. [...]
Morning Buy EU

Morning Buy US

Uncomplicated strategy for U.S. market indices. Trades at 15h00. [...]
Morning Buy US

Open Trade HA-BB

Open Trade HA–BB strategy is a pure day trading strategy. The strategy is applied in a 3-minute time frame. [...]
Open Trade

MACD Triple

A multiple time frames day trading strategy suitable for all instruments. [...]
MACD Triple

Break-out Big Candle

A day trading strategy based on variations in volatility and big candles. [...]
Break-Out Big Candle

Range Projection

A swing trading strategy for stocks based on trend reversal. [...]
Range Projection

VIX Reversal

A day trading strategy based on the well-known "fear index" VIX. [...]
VIX Reversal

Turtle Soup

A day trading strategy derived from the famous Turtle trading strategy. [...]
Turtle Soup


This strategy uses the well-known pivot points to determine buy and short sell zones. [...]

EUR/USD 07h30

This strategy attempts to benefit from the different world time zones and the variations in trading volumes. [...]
-EUR USD 7h30

EUR/USD 07h30 - 22h30

This strategy is a variation on the EUR/USD 7h30 strategy. [...]
EUR USD 22h30

Morning Angler

A day trading strategy which takes a position each morning at 10h00 precisely [...]
Morning Angler


A strategy which identifies buy opportunities in a positive trend and short sell opportunities in a negative trend. [...]

SiWorks Automated Trendline

A day trading strategy based on trendlines. The trendlines are automatically (re)drawn. [...]
Siworks Automated Trendline

Kaufman Efficiency Ratio

A day and swing trading strategy which identifies, isolates and follows the market trend. [...]
Kaufman Efficiency Ratio

Divergence Candlestick

A divergence strategy which specializes in the slope of the price versus the slope of the RSI. [...]
Divergence Candlesticks

LS Histogram Scalper

An exciting 3-minute strategy based on the groundbreaking LiveStatistics [...]
Histogram Scalper

Scalping SCD

Day trade strategy developped by the trader-author Stéphane Ceaux-Dutheil. [...]
Scalping SCD

Range Leader S&P500

A strategy published by Charlie F. Wright in 1998 for beginners and part time traders [...]
Range Leader SP500

Flag Pattern

Breakout strategy based on a pennant candle pattern variant and can be applied to forex, indices and commodities. [...]
Flag candlestick pattern

Pennant Pattern

Breakout strategy based on a specific candle pattern and can be applied to forex, indices and commodities. [...]
Pennant pattern

Mogalef Bands

The Mogalef bands have been developed by the French author/trader Eric Lefort. [...]
Mogalef Bands

Volatility Rider

A strategy based on an indicator specifically developed by the German author/trader Claus Grube. [...]
Volatility Rider


A buy strategy developed by John F. Carter in 'Mastering the trade: proven techniques for profiting from [...]


A short sell strategy developed by John F. Carter in 'Mastering the trade: proven techniques for profiting from [...]

3-Bar Inside Bar Pattern

A strategy for oil, gold and silver elaborated by Johnan Prathap in the magazine 'Technical Analysis [...]
Bar Inside Bar pattern

Hammer Pattern

The Hammer candlestick pattern is used for shares and indices. It is a rare yet popular pattern. [...]
Hammer candlestick pattern

21.52 Hours

The 21h52 strategy was developed by trader-author John F. Carter in his book 'Mastering the trade [...]

DMI Divergence

DMI Divergence is a divergence strategy. Divergence occurs when the market moves in [...]
DMI Divergence

CMO DipReturn

CMO DipReturn identifies dips in trends. This forex strategy artfully combines a filter and a blocker as [...]
CMO Dipreturn

Ichimoku TKC

The Ichimoku TKC strategy is one of the most traditional strategies within the Ichimoku system developed by [...]
Ichimoku TKC

Ichimoku KBO

The Ichimoku KBO strategy is one of the lesser known strategies within the Ichimoku system developed by [...]
Ichimoku KBO

Aroon Divergence

Divergences are a very interesting trading concept. A divergence appears when the market moves in one direction [...]
Aroon Divergence

Crossing TEMAs

Crossing TEMAs is a trend following strategy. It can be used for swing and day trading. [...]
Crossing TEMAs

Sinewave Market Cycles

Engineer Dr. John Ehlers has a done a lot of research into market cycles. [...]
Sinewave Market Cycles


TrendPlus detects reverse movements in a market with a clear trend i.e. a market going up [...]

KST - Martin Pring

The KST strategy combines different timeframes. Both momentum and rate of change have their place [...]
KST Martin Pring

Break-Out SuperTrend

The BO SuperTrend strategy attempts to profit from small price break-outs. It is a day trading strategy. [...]
Break-Out Supertrend

Lefort Indicators

Eric Lefort is a French trader and author. He is part of the team that runs a French active investor [...]
Eric Lefort Indicators

Open Trade

Open Trade is a day trading strategy. The entry points are based on price levels [...]

Centre of Gravity - Belkhayate

The COG strategy opines that market prices evolve around a centre of gravity. [...]
Belkayate Gravity

Rocema & RocemaTrend

ROCEMA is a day trading strategy which can be applied in different timeframes. 15 Minutes tends enjoy preference. [...]
Rocem Rocema Trend

Dynamic RSI

Dynamic RSI is a swing trading strategy. Signals are rare, requiring investors to work with a large range of market [...]
Dynamic RSI

Momentum Squeeze

The MOMS trading strategy detects intervals characterized by low volatility and accelerating price changes. [...]
Momentum Squeeze

EUR/USD High Noon

An uncomplicated forex strategy for the EUR/USD. Uses the day trend to trade at 14h00. [...]
EUR USD High Noon

Keltner Trend Pullback

This trading strategy combines the well-known Keltner channels with the concept of a pullback. [...]
Trading Keltner trend pullback


These strategies are supplied for educational purposes. Do not apply them blindly. Read all information carefully. Discover a strategy slowly and carefully. Adapt the strategies to your situation and skills. Be prudent at all times and make no use or only limited use of leverage.

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What is the difference between a trading signal and a trading strategy?
A signal is a combination of criteria which lead to the opening of a position. The trader can then decide how he manages the open position. A trading strategy contains in addition rules regarding the acceptance or rejection of signals and rules on how an open position is managed (stop loss orders, target orders, closing times...).

How do I implement a trading strategy?
Open the chart of the instrument you want to trade (DAX, DOW, stocks, oil...). Activate the trading strategy of your choice by selecting it in the WHS Strategies folder. For semi-automated trading you need to activate TradeGuard + AutoOrder in the chart. For automated trading you need to activate AutoOrder.

Where do I find the trading strategies in the NanoTrader?
In the NanoTrader you can find the trading strategies in the WHS Strategies folder.

Free trading strategies.