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A signal is a combination of criteria which can lead to the opening of a position. A signals library is integrated in the Nanotrader Full platform. From the library you can select a trading signal to fit every market situation. Programming is never required.

The following free signals are available:


If you simply want a notification when a signal occurs, activate pop-up message, sound alarm or e-mail. If you want to automate the opening of a position the most simple solution is to use Tactic orders.

Implementing a signal Opening positions Closing positions
Video manual automatic
Tactic orders Video 1 & Video 2 automatic 1 time automatic
Video automatic automatic

Multiple trend reversal signals

Both this multi-signal and the mono-signal tool are based on trend reversals identified in a very interesting chart type called Three Line Break (TLB) chart.. Read more

Trading signal: Multiple trend reversal signals


Take a position in the direction of your choice when prices break out of the range. Read more

Trading signal: Range Breakout

Divergence MACD

Profit from normal and inverted divergences between prices and MACD. Developped by the author-trader Eric Lefort. Read more

Free trading signal: Divergence MACD

Your Candlestick Patterns v.1

Define your own candlestick patterns and see how efficient they are. Read more

Free trading signal: Candlestick Patterns

Your Candlestick Patterns v.2

This new version allows the detection of multiple candlestick patterns with one single code. Read more

Free trading signal: Candlestick Patterns

Heikin Ashi Reversals

Interesting. Define your own patterns based on the excellent Heikin Ashi trend indicator and chart. Read more and watch the video

Trading signals: Heikin Ashi Reversals

Three Line Break Reversals

The interesting but complicated TLB graph converted into a unique yet simple trend reversal band. Read more

Free trading signals: Three Line Break Reversals

RSI Feigned Reversals

Profit from the many minor reversals during a major trend. Read more

Free trading signals: RSI Feigned Reversals

Hammer Pattern Rebounds

The rare Hammer candle as part of an unfrequent but often reliable chart pattern. Read more and watch video

Trading signal: Hammer Pattern Rebounds


Take a long position when prices break out of a bearish trend. Developed by author-trader Eric Lefort. Read more

Trading signal: Bullish Breakout by Eric Lefort

Gap close, trend continuation

Await the close of an intraday gap to take a position in the direction of the trend. Read more

Trading signal: Gap close, trend continuation