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The stock-box service is a low cost solution to have a good stock portfolio and to keep it easily up-to-date. The stock-box service only uses objective criteria and systematically replaces weak stocks in your portfolio with strong stocks.


The stock-box service takes the time and effort out of keeping your stock portfolio up-to-date. You know how to administer a stock portfolio: replace underperforming stocks with outperforming stocks on a regular basis. But ... do you really have the time and the discipline to do this?


Compose a portfolio by selecting one or more stock-boxes. Every month you receive an e-mail containing an overview of the weak stocks and of the strong stocks which should replace them. Click on a link in the e-mail. Your portfolio will be updated. Easy and practical.


Every stock-box consists of 6 to 8 stocks. These stocks are selected using objective criteria only. They are the stocks which outperform their index the most. Picking only winning stocks is not possible. Therefore the stock-box service also quickly identifies weak stocks and replaces them by strong stocks.

The logic is based on Noble prize winner E. Fama's research on market prices. In a nutshell, market prices are unpredictable in the short term. The only logic Fama detected was what he called 'momentum': stocks with low returns in the last months will continue to have low returns in the next months and vice versa. These leads to the counterintuitive conclusion that far more money is being made by buying high (stocks which are outperforming) and selling even higher. So there is no magic formula, we simply rigorously apply Fama's conclusion for you.


The gross returns of the five stock-boxes since 1.11.2016:

Which stocks to buy?: the stocks which are outperforming their market index.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Download the free stock-box-overview to see which stocks are currently included in each stock-box.


Strong focus and monthly discipline. Every stock-box focuses on one single objective criterion: stocks which outperform their index. Strong stocks stay. Weak stocks are replaced on a monthly basis.

Limited time and effort. One click a month suffices to have an efficient up-to-date portfolio.

Big companies only. All the stocks in the stock-boxes are included in the world's most important market indices.

Low order commissions. Stock-box clients pay the same low order commissions as those paid by clients who place their own orders.

Low costs. The concept does not need expensive stock analysts and portfolio managers. You do not pay an annual management fee and you do not pay a performance fee.

A legendary service. WH SelfInvest has a reputation for legendary service. You can contact us from 8h00 to 22h00.

No leverage. The stock-box service does not require the use of leverage. Your risk is therefore greatly reduced.

Choice of markets. You can choose stock-boxes which focus on specific markets and stock-boxes which include stocks from several markets.

Choice of currencies. You can choose stock-boxes which include only EUR or USD stocks and stock-boxes which include stocks in both these currencies.


You can constitute a stock portfolio by selecting one or more of the five stock boxes.

Box 1: the stocks recommended by analysts
8 European and U.S. stocks. These 8 stocks are selected on the basis of the number of analyst 'buy' recommendations (minimum 10) and the ratio to the 'hold' and 'sell' recommendations (minimum 200%).
Box 2: the MSCI index outperformers
8 European and U.S. stocks out of 600 stocks which outperform the MSCI index over 5 and 10 years. These 8 stocks are selected on the basis of their 3-month outperformance of the MSCI index.
Box 3: the DAX 30 outperformers

8 stocks which are part of the German DAX 30 market index. These 8 stocks are selected on the basis of their 3-month outperformance of the DAX 30 index.

Return versus the DAX index.

The gross return of this stock-box versus the DAX index since 1.11.2016.

Box 4: the NASDAQ 100 outperformers

8 stocks which are part of the American Nasdaq 100 market index. These 8 stocks are selected on the basis of their 3-month outperformance of the NASDAQ 100 index.

Return versus the Nasdaq index.

The gross return of this stock-box versus the Nasdaq index since 1.11.2016.

Box 5: the rockets (EU & US)
6 stocks, one each from the DOW, SP 100, Nasdaq 100, DAX 30, CAC 40 and AEX market indices. These 6 stocks are selected on the basis of their 1-month outperformance of their respective indices.

Download the free information sheet to see which stocks are currently included in each stock-box.


The stock-box service requires the following budget:

Stock-box fee: € 120 per stock-box per year, charged at the start for 2 years.
Set-up fee: € 155, charged one time only.
Order commissions: The same low commissions as clients who place their own orders.

There is no management fee. There is no performance fee.


Is there a minimum investment?
No, there is no minimum investment. Logic dictates, however, that too small an investment is not cost effective. There are also stocks, like Google, which have very high values. Hence you should consider at least € 1.000 per position.

How do I monitor my portfolio?
You can monitor the performance of your portfolio in real-time via computer, tablet or smartphone.

Do I need to subscribe to the NanoTrader trading platform?
No, if you do not want to. The free tablet and smartphone platforms are sufficient to monitor your portfolio.

Can I stop the service whenever I want?
Yes, you can stop the service whenever you want. There is no exit cost. Any fees which have been charged cannot be refunded.

Do I need more than one stock-box?
It depends. In order to diversify risk, a good stock portfolio should at least contain 12 stocks from various industries. If you already have stocks you could select only one stock-box. If you have no other stocks, a minimum of two stock-boxes is better.

Can I change stock-boxes?
Yes, whenever you want. Changing stock-boxes is free.

When are the stock-boxes updated?
The stock-boxes are updated the first week of every month.

What do I need to do?
If you want your portfolio to update automatically, you only need to click the instruction link in the e-mail which you receive once a month.

How are my positions updated?
Stocks are sold and bought at the market price. The available cash is split equally between the new positions on a per box basis.

Which stocks are included in the stock-boxes?
All 38 stocks currently included in the stock-boxes can be found in the free stock-box-overview.


You can open a stock account and implement the stock-boxes yourself. The stock-boxes and the monthly changes are available for free in the NanoTrader trading platform. You need sufficient time and discipline to update your portfolio every month.

Given the low cost of the stock-box service, we recommend using it. You avoid errors, save time and your portfolio is always up-to-date. It is easier than doing it yourself.


Step 1
You need to open a stock account.
Add a copy of the stock-box-overview to your account application. On the information sheet you can indicate which stock-box(es) you want. Your new account should be funded within four weeks.

Step 2
You will receive an electronic request to pay the relevant fees. The fees are detailed above in the section 'Budget'. When you paid the fee and if your account is funded, the stock-boxes you selected are implemented on your account. You will receive a confirmation that this has been done.

Step 3
You will start to receive the monthly e-mail with the instruction link. Simply click the link to update your portfolio.