NanoTrader Full is our multi-award winning in-house platform for futures, forex and CFD trading. The platform offers manual and (semi-) automated trading. Programming is not required. Trading strategies are integrated in the platform. Platforms for browser, tablet and mobile phones are also available.

Futures traders get tick-by-tick quotes, the best order routing technology (CQG and Patsystems), direct market access (DMA) and high-speed order execution.


A detailed real-time order book is available for each future. The order book information is also shown in the chart. Orders can be placed directly via the order book.

NanoTrader platform


The charting and technical analysis on the NanoTrader platform is breathtaking. But the platform goes beyond charting by allowing traders to use their own technical analysis for automated trading. Traders can, for example, place a stop order which follows their trendline.

Trendline trading

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Every trader has his preferences when it comes to placing orders. NanoTrader offers many different ways in which orders can be placed: order ticket, one-click orderpad, via the chart, charttrader, via the order book, Tactic buttons ... The platform can also place orders automatically based on the trader's criteria. This example shows the Tactic buttons which allow traders to minutely move their order and to change the stop type

Trading scalping

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The NanoTrader platform contains an exceptional selection of trading tools. For example: weekly trading articles, weekly trading ideas, automated end-of-day technical analysis based on indicators and strategies, automated detection of chart patterns, trading signals via e-mail, 50+ built in trading strategies ... All trading tools are free.

In addition there is a trading store. The store allows clients to activate free and paying trading tools and strategies in their platform. Many of these are produced by famous traders.

Trading store

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NanoTrader is our in-house trading platform. This allows WH SelfInvest to frequently add cool new innovations. It also allows WH SelfInvest to listen to its clients and implement client proposals.

Trading ideas

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Yesterday's key price levels are projected below today's charts. These levels and the times when they occured are often used by traders. This is an example of a strategy based on key price levels.

Key Price Levels


Information can be shown as an histogram in the chart. The time & sales histogram, for example, shows all orders executed during the day at each price level. The colours indicate the orders executed at the bid price (sellers who want to sell) and the ask price (buyers want to buy and thus pay the ask) respectively.

Time and sales


Trading platforms for browser, tablet and mobile phones are available. If you opt for CQG order routing you can use the same user and password as for your main platform.

Overview and demo mobile platforms


In addition to the award-winning NanoTrader platform we can connect WHS Futures (J-Trader), WHS MultiCharts, WHS SierraChart and WHS Trade Navigator.

Overview alternative platforms