Stocks, exchange traded funds and structured products
Stocks and ETFs in EUR
Austria, Belgium, France, Germany1, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal and Spain

Example: buy € 5.000 BMW - commission € 5,95

minimum 5,95
Structured products (warrants, turbos ...) in EUR
France, Germany and Netherlands

Example: buy € 3.000 - commission € 5,95

minimum 5,95
Stocks and ETFs in CHF

Example: sell CHF 10.000 Nestlé - commission CHF 9,95

minimum 9,95
Stocks and ETFs in USD
NYSE, Nasdaq, Amex, OTCBB and Pink Sheets

Example: sell 200 shares IBM - commission $ 2

0,01 per share
min. 1,95 - max. 0,5%
Telephone orders no surcharge

1 For orders routed via Xetra (Ibis) a maximum of € 99 applies.

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Trading platform
WHS NanoTrader Full (video) € 29 per month1

1 WHS NanoTrader Full users can, with the same username and password, also use Trader Workstation (TWS) and all platform versions for web, tablet and mobile phones.

It is not possible to open a multi-asset account without a NanoTrader Full subscription.


WHS TechScan (scannner for stocks, forex and indices) free
Opening an account free
Closing an account free
Inactivity fee (only applicable if total monthly commissions < USD 10) maximum $ 101
Collecting a dividend free
Replacing or cancelling an order free2
Market data, delayed free
Market data, real-time information passed on at cost
Order routing fees, exchange fees, clearing fees information passed on at cost
Other fees information passed on at cost

1 Total monthly commission is $ 0 ~ inactivity fee is $ 10. Total monthly commission is < $ 10 ~ inactivity fee is $ 10 - the total monthly commission amount. Total monthly commission is $ 10 or more ~ inactivity fee is $ 0.
2 See futures and options fees for an exception on the Eurex exchange.