Commissions, trading platforms and market data

Our commissions are transparent, competitive and well below the industry norm. You will not find a futures broker with a better price-quality-service equation.

Commission WHS Volume discount
€ 2,20 per lot per side
$ 2,20 for futures and options in $
High volume trader? Feel free to request an individual price offer based on your volume. We will match any offer of the same quality.

Cancel an order Free
Modify an order Free
Liquidation orders No extra charge
Telephone orders No extra charge
All trading platform updates Free
Account holding – Luxemburg accounts only € 39 incl. VAT per quarter
Real-time trading signals Free
Real-time trading strategies Free
Holding positions overnight Free

For high-speed order routing clients can choose between: Patsystems and CQG. Professional futures traders only use brokers offering tick-by-tick data. Why? Firstly, tick-by-tick data does not distort technical analysis. Secondly, order execution is faster and more precise. This is important. One single tick in your favour on, for example, the Eurostoxx50 future equals € 10 extra profit. Other brokers tend to provide ½ second snapshot quotes which result in inferior order execution. If you want to trade futures actively do not trade on the basis of ½ second snapshot quotes.


  Patsystems CQG
Futures € 0,50 per lot per side
$ 0,50 for futures in $
€ 0,50 per lot per side
$ 0,50 for futures in $
Options - € 0,50 per option per side
$ 0,50 for options in $

Patsystems charges an inactivity fee if a person has not executed at least one order in the last month. If a client does not meet this criterion a £ 75 charge is applicable.

CQG offers up to 1.000 ticks per second. The traded market volume is the most precise available. CQG applies a monthly user charge of € 10. High-volume traders can opt for a flat fee of € 395 per month instead of paying the 0,50 per lot per side. Additionally clients have access to CQG M which allows trading from mobile devices.


Regarding trading platforms and historic market data clients can choose between the following solutions:


Trading platforms and historic market data
WHS Futures Free
WHS CQG Mobile Free
WHS CQG Mobile – with CQG history € 20 per month
NanoTrader Full – no historical data € 29 per month
NanoTrader Full – with intraday history only € 39 per month
NanoTrader Full – with CQG history
Historical data for all futures, excl. ICE.
3 months intraday, 3 years end of day + charts on CQG Mobile.
€ 69 per month
NanoTrader Full – with extended history
Historical data for the 55 most traded futures.
Up to 5 years intraday and up to 15 years end of day.
€ 79 per month
Cloud trading solution (VPS) – information € 60, 35 or 10 per month1

(1) € 35 if you do 1 trade per day. € 10 if you do 2 trades per day. A trade consists of a buy and a sell order on 2 futures contracts, a CFD or a standard forex contract. 1 trade per day or a total of 21 trades per month. 2 trades per day or a total of 42 trades per month. Price excludes VAT.

The futures exchanges charge traders for real-time market data. WH SelfInvest must collect these charges and transfer them to the relevant exchanges. Depending on the provider you prefer for your high-speed order routing the fees applied by the exchanges vary slightly.


  Patsystems CQG
Euronext € 45 € 45
Eurex € 20 € 20
CME – fixed fee € 15 € 15
plus, per individual market:    
CME € 5 € 5
CBOT € 5 € 5
Nymex € 5 € 5
Comex € 5 € 5
or ALL 4 markets together € 15 (-25%) € 15 (-25%)
Liffe - € 117
ICE US € 117 € 117
ICE Europe - € 117
Idem free -

Clients can choose the market(s) they want. No market is obligatory. The above are fees for non-professional traders. Professional traders pay higher market data fees. Professional fees are available upon request.

Information: telephone orders are allowed for opening and closing positions.

Information: commissions are per lot per side as indicated excluding the exchange fee dictated by the exchange.