Futures are the preferred instrument of active investors. The futures markets are fully electronic, 100% centralized and totally transparent. There are no market makers. Professional and retail investors have identical information. Of all financial instruments futures have the lowest commissions and the lowest spreads. Futures are easy to understand.

Clients have direct access to all the major futures markets. In total 2.000+ electronic futures and options on futures are available. These are the most traded futures.


Futures traders can count on tick-by-tick quotes (not ½ second snapshot quotes like, for example, Interactive Brokers), the best order routing technology (CQG and Patsystems), direct market access (DMA) and high-speed order execution. All this in combination with an unbeatable trading platform. The NanoTrader allows manual, semi-automated and automated trading without programming. It contains numerous free trader tools including more than 45 trading strategies.

Trading strategies futures


For over 13 years now WH SelfInvest maintains a systems uprate in excess of 99%. In short, we are a very reliable futures broker.

Our futures depository bank is a global bank with an A-1 rating. The futures accounts are covered by a European protection scheme. Support is available in your language from 8h00 to 22h00. We cater for both novice and advanced futures traders.

The WH SelfInvest futures offer and trading platform has received numerous awards over the years. These are some of the more recent awards.

Futures trading awards

In the words of one of our clients ... "There is no faster nor better order execution as the one offered by NanoTrader. As a professional this is very important to me."


The NanoTrader platform contains an exceptional selection of trading tools. All trading tools are free. A few examples: weekly trading articles, weekly trading ideas, automated end-of-day technical analysis based on statistics, indicators and strategies, automated detection of chart patterns, trading signals via e-mail, trader forum ...

Futures trading forum


The Trading store allows clients to activate free and paying trading tools and strategies in their platform. Many of these tools and strategies are produced by famous traders such as Birger Schäfermeier, Michael Voigt, Eric Lefort, Rene Wolfram, Thorsten Helbig, Tobias Heitkötter and Erdal Cene.

Trading store

Download "Trading Guide: CFD, Forex & Futures" to learn more about futures trading.