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Like most projects in life, success in trading partially depends on how you equip yourself. The broker and technology solution you will choose, directly impacts your trading results. Price feed, market data, platform stability and order execution must be the best you can get. In order to provide the best, WH SelfInvest has a policy of combining the optimal building blocks. For every financial instrument we combine the optimal account, price feed, technology and order execution. This results in three specialised accounts: futures, CFD-Forex and stocks. On the trading platform the accounts can be traded individually or they can be combined. Choose the optimal solution for serious trading.

Note: the specialised stocks account also allows the trading of futures and CFD-Forex. If you want to trade these instruments actively, we strongly recommend you use their respective specialised account. Here is what is different.

The minimum required to open a fully disclosed multi-asset account is EUR 5.000 or the equivalent in USD or CHF. The account is allowed to go below this minimum when operational. There is no maximum.

Active investors wishing to do an unlimited amount of day trades on U.S. financial instruments must maintain an account balance of USD 25.000 or more.

The multi-asset account is opened in your name and at your risk with Interactive Brokers (UK) Limited, Heron Tower, Level 20, 110 Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AY, United Kingdom. In addition to our general terms and conditions the account is governed by IB's customer agreement and other relevant documents which you can find, for example, on the Clients page of our website. Besides electronic communication you will receive from us a letter confirming the opening of the account.

Funding the account can be done by money transfer to Citigroup. Transfers will only be accepted if you include your name and your account number in the message field of your transfer. If, after your first transfer, you wish to transfer additional money to your account it is highly recommended you first create a deposit notification in the account manager. By creating a deposit notification your account can be credited more quickly. When you create the deposit notification you will see the transfer instructions you need to use. The account manager can be found on the Clients page of our website.

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Transferring money out of the account is straightforward. You can create an electronic instruction directly in the account manager. The account manager can be found on the Clients page of our website. One free withdrawal request per calendar month is allowed. After the first withdrawal (of any kind), IB will charge the following fee, depending on the base currency of your account, for any subsequent withdrawal: EUR 8, USD 10 or CHF 11.

The order commissions and other costs applicable to the account are detailed on the commissions pages of our website.

The account is visible in the NanoTrader Full platform together with, if you have one, the futures trading account and/or the CFD-Forex trading account. In addition to the real account(s) each client has a permanent papertrade account at his disposal in his NanoTrader Full platform. It is possible to trade in parallel on all accounts.