Your account

Like most projects in life, success in trading partially depends on how you equip yourself. The broker and technology solution you will choose, directly impacts your trading results. Price feed, market data, platform stability and order execution must be the best you can get. In order to provide the best, WH SelfInvest has a policy of combining the optimal building blocks. For every financial instrument we combine the optimal account, price feed, technology and order execution. This results in three specialised accounts: futures, CFD-Forex and stocks. On the trading platform the accounts can be traded individually or they can be combined. Choose the optimal solution for serious trading.

Note: the specialised stocks account also allows the trading of futures and CFD-Forex. If you want to trade these instruments actively, we strongly recommend you use their respective specialised account. Here is what is different.

The minimum required to open a Futures account is € 5.000 or the equivalent in GBP, USD or CHF. The account is allowed to go below this minimum when operational. There is no maximum.

WH SelfInvest has designated Banque Internationale à Luxembourg, ING Luxembourg and Macquarie Bank Ltd. to serve as depository banks. The assets received at ING Luxembourg and Banque Internationale à Luxembourg will be send on to Macquarie Bank Ltd. for the additional provision of clearing and execution services for our futures clients accounts. Macquarie Bank Ltd. belongs to the Macquarie Group Ltd. which is quoted on the ASX exchange. Client assets are accounted for on an individual basis and are segregated from our company’s assets.

Trading futures in EUR, USD, GBP, ... via one single account? Yes, it is possible. A profit on, say, a future in USD remains in USD. In this way the client incurs no conversion costs as it would be the case in the mono-currency accounts offered by most of our competitors.. At the end of each month all balances are converted, without cost and at institutional exchange rates, in the client's base currency.

You can also open an account with one of our branches in France, Germany or Belgium. All staff in all offices speak English.

Funding the account can be done by money transfer to a 'client assets' account with ING Luxembourg or Banque Internationale à Luxembourg. WH SelfInvest will only accept transfers coming from the account holder. Transfers from third parties, including family members, will be rejected. The money will automatically be posted to your own individual account. The cost is € 5.

Transferring money out of the account is straightforward. For security reasons we only accept a written transfer instruction, signed by the account holder(s). Transfer costs are fixed at € 5 for amounts < € 30.000 and 0,10% (max. € 50) for amounts > € 30.000. Transfer form.

Trading accounts do not receive an interest. In case trading accounts are charged an interest or similar costs, the cost will be passed on to the client.

WH SelfInvest is a European firm which operates within all European rules, regulations and directives. The European regulatory framework for financial institutions is the most strict and safe. As a consequence the quality of European institutions is higher and the investor is offered more protection. In addition WH Selfinvest has been granted a European Passport, a proof of the quality of our institution.