Privacy Policy

WH SelfInvest respects each person’s right to confidentiality of their personal details. With the effects of the privacy policy we are underlining the value we lay on our relationships with our prospects and clients. The application of our privacy policy, which we will be explaining are applicable to our current and future clients and prospects.

Personal details

We collect a limited amount of personal details about you in the following cases:

- when requesting a real-time demo account from WH SelfInvest

- when registering to a webinar or seminar from WH SelfInvest

- when registering to a webinar or seminar from WH SelfInvest: your surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number, postcode and country.

- when subscribing to a free newsletter: your surname, first name, e-mail address and country.

- when requesting to be contacted by phone: surname, first name, e-mail address, telephone number and country.

These details will allow us to process your requests and registrations but will additionally make it possible to contact you regarding services and products which may be of interest to you. This information will additionally allow us to verify whether you have received the information or track the quality of the services which you requested in order to provide you with the best possible level of service.

Management of personal details

The persons who have access to the personal details are experienced and are aware of the importance of the confidentiality of the client details and respect of the privacy of the individual.
Shortcomings or violations in these requirements could mean these persons are subject to sanctions ranging up to termination of employment. A department head will ensure the correct application of the legislation in order to protect personal details.

How are personal details stored?

We make it a priority to protect your confidential details, regardless if you are in contact with us by telephone, e-mail, internet or a non-electronic form. Your details are stored in a safe IT environment, in paper files as well as in other records. WH SelfInvest takes the necessary safety measures in order to avoid any unauthorised access and usage, editing, circulation or destruction.

Refusal to agree with our privacy policy

You are in no way required to provide us with the details which we are requesting. You have the possibility to refuse supplying personal details. In this case it is not ruled out that some specific services cannot be provided.

Address a complaint

If you believe there was a breach of our privacy policy or that we, in one way or another, have violated your privacy, you will always be able to direct that complaint to us. This will be dealt with as soon as possible. For this you can contact us via

How can you contact us?


- every question relating to our privacy policy

- modifying your personal details

- access to your personal details

You can contact one of our offices by post, fax or e-mail. The addresses and other contact details of our offices you will find on our website under the "Contact" button.

Web addition

Information regarding Cookies

Cookies are small files containing information which a website uses to create statistics on their visitors. WH SelfInvest can install such cookies in order to trace which adverts and promotions visitors used to get to our website. WH SelfInvest and whichever of its offices can apply these cookies for the purpose of building visitor statistics. This information is completely anonymous and is not identifiable.

WH SelfInvest can also add a third party provider in order to measure the amount of visitors and usage of our websites.

Cookies are used on many websites and you can install your browser in such a way that all cookies will be refused or that you are informed should a cookie be sent. The refusal of a cookie can have an effect on the proper functioning of a particular service or limit the access to parts of the website with higher protection levels. We therefore advise to keep the cookies enabled so that you will have access to all our services on our website.

Security and technology

WH SelfInvest is continuously making efforts to guarantee the level of security, conforming to the industry norms. We make use of firewalls, authentication systems and various control mechanisms concerning security when accessing our systems and data.