LiveStatistics allows investors to define an event based on different parameters. LiveStatistics will identify in real-time how often similar events occurred in the past. All these past events are analyzed in real-time. Based on the price developments of the past events, projections for the current market price are displayed in the chart. In short …

  • The user defines an event based on a set of parameters (shape, trading range …).
  • LiveStatistics identifies all similar events in the past.
  • LiveStatistics displays projections for the current market price in the chart.

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  This example illustrates a classic trader question: to buy or not to buy?
Buy: it is a strong, consistent rally which is taking a pause. Don’t buy: the rally has run out of steam and the market was very negative after the opening.

Both are valid opinions. But … what happened in the past when similar events occured?

LiveStatistics displays projections for the current market price in the chart. In this case the statistics show a bullish bias. This example is dealt with in detail in the free guide.

LiveStatistics can, for example, be used for:

  • A "reality check". The projections are a good indication of how the market price can move over a given period of time. Many investors have price expectations which are not realistic.

  • Determining stops and price targets. These levels are visible in the chart.

  • Confirming a signal given by a strategy. If, for example, a strategy gives a buy signal, the live statistical data should show a bullish sentiment.

  • Trading strategies based on live statistical data.

This example illustrates another classic trader question: will this gap close or not?

The projections based on statistical data seem to have a bullish bias. The real evolution of the market price is shown next to the LiveStatistics projections. The gap did indeed close later that day.

More information about the phenomenal possibilities offered by LiveStatistics can be found in the free guide and by watching film 1 and film 2. For an example of a trading strategy based on LiveStatistics you can watch this movie.