Implement your strategy without programming

Implement your strategy without programming

Stop & Target orders

You have a trading strategy in mind? NanoTrader contains all elements you need to turn an idea into a functioning strategy. Programming is rarely required. These are a few of the building blocks you can simply combine ...

Without programming you can include an automated target and stop in your trading strategy. You can choose among 12 stop types. The automated orders, once placed, can always be changed manually by sliding them in the chart.

Time to close

Active investors tend to not keep positions overnight. By adding a flat filter to your strategy, you instruct the platform to close a position at the time of your choice. E.g. just before the market closes.

Indicators create an order

Traders using technical indicators can rely on TacticOrders. TacticOrders converts the opinion of indicators and trendlines into a trading signal and an order. Video example.

60+ Trading strategies

The NanoTrader platform contains over 60 trading strategies which can inspire you when developing your own strategy. You can freely modify the strategies in the platform and build upon them. All strategies can be implemented manually, semi-automatically and automatically.