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The NanoTrader is made by traders for traders. The platform contains many FREE functionalities, which help clients to become better traders.

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Multiple trading screens

The workspace buttons allow you to make multiple trading screens. This functionality is very useful if you do not have multiple computer monitors or if you are trading on a laptop.

All screens update in real-time, even if they are not visible. By clicking the workspace buttons it is possible to cycle through the screens. This trader has four trading screens.

Multiple trading screens when trading.

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Chat support in the platform

Clients can chat directly with our support desk via the trading platform. WH SelfInvest is known for its legendary service.

Chat support in the NanoTrader platform.


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Monitor all crucial information in the chart

NanoTrader allows traders to monitor their executions, positions and working orders directly in the chart. You are always in control of the situation.

The little green line indicates the entry price, also visible on the right. +1 indicates the trader bought 1 future when the market broke out of the channel. This trader uses automated bracket orders (a price target and a stop loss order) to protect the position.

Orders and positions are visible for monitoring in the chart.

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Protect your position with bracket orders

This trader is about to place a market order. By selecting "Add Contingent Orders" the platform automatically places a profit target order and a stop loss order. These are the red lines in the chart.

It is possible to grab and slide the order lines in the chart. Here the trader selects a support and a resistance level for his target and stop loss order respectively. Simply grab the red lines and slide them to the desired level in the chart. Notice the trader selecting a support level for his stop loss order.

Automated bracket orders (profit target and stop loss) protect a position.

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If one of the bracket orders is executed, the remaining order is automatically cancelled.

Exchange with other traders or your trading coach

The lay-out transfer function allow traders and trading coaches to exchange platform lay-outs, including their trading signals. Attach a lay-out file to an e-mail and send it. The recipient drags the lay-out file onto his open NanoTrader. Both traders now see the same lay-out.

The group trading module also allows traders to trade together.

"I have already familiarized myself with the platform and would like to tell you that this is the best platform I have been able to work on so far, congratulations on this cool tool." - Peter
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"I didn't have such fantastic service with my two previous brokers. Everything works perfectly so far. It's much more fun this way." - Achim
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Increase your profit

Increase your profit... analyze your trades. The daytrading statistics tool generates a quality report of your trades. The report includes detailed statistics and a graphics. All data can be exported to Excel in one click.

This example shows a daytrading chart accompanied by a 60-minute and a 1-day twin chart. The relationships are clearly visible.

A traders log or diary is available in the NanoTrader trading platform.

Test a FREE trading demo

Test strategies and train yourself

A FREE permanent demo account is given to every WH SELFINVEST client. When placing an order the trader simply selects the real account or the demo account. The demo can be used to get familiar with the platform, test (new) strategies and try ideas.

Know what will happen

The release of economic information and figures can significantly increase market volatility. Every trader needs a good calendar which explains the information and its potential impact. The economic calendar is FREE and updates in real-time.

A good economic calendar for traders in the trading platform.

Test a FREE trading demo

Benefit from professional traders

The unique NanoTrader trading store is stocked with many FREE and paying tools and strategies. The tools and strategies are made for NanoTrader by very experienced (famous) traders.

Famous traders put their trading strategies and tools in the trading store.

Over 60 articles are available in the trading store.

Trade and learn during the weekend

The markets are closed during the weekend. These are precisely the days when most traders have the most free time. NanoTrader has two genius solutions.

Record and playback

Recording allows traders to record a trading day. Besides the market prices the recording function also records the movements in the order book. Playback allows the trader to play a recording and trade on it. The playback can be accelerated or slowed down. Trading coaches often use record and playback to train their students.

Trade during the weekend or when the market is closed: record the market.

The simulation ticker

Traders can set the ticker to random movement or they can define its speed, direction and volatility.

Trade when the market is closed with the simulation ticker.

Test a FREE trading demo

Quick and easy account opening

Trade with an award-winning broker.

No monthly inactivity fee

FREE trading strategies and signals.

Unique trading store.

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Seminars, webinars and a trading library

Market studies prove that one of the main reasons why clients choose WH SELFINVEST is the extensive training and educational offer. The educational offer consists of FREE seminars, webinars and a trading library. Both novice and experienced traders find wat they need.

The seminars and webinars often have famous traders as guest speakers. In the trading library readers can find e-books on trading. There are e-books in English, French, Dutch and German.

Broker with a big educational offer of free trading webinars and e-books.

NanoTrader is highly recommended by many professionals:

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