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The award-winning NanoTrader platform is packed with unique functionalities. These functionalities help traders achieve better results.

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Advanced drawing and charts
Quick-start automated trading

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Free trading strategies and signals

A large number of ready-to-use trading strategies are integrated into the NanoTrader trading platform. Clients can use all strategies FREE of charge. The strategies can be traded manually, semi-automatically (manual position open) or automatically.

Most of the strategies were developed and are used by famous traders such as:

  • Martin Pring
  • Alexander Elder
  • Linda Raschke
  • Larry Connors
  • Michael Voigt
  • Stéphane Ceaux-Dutheil
  • Larry Williams
  • ALL trading strategies

Trading strategies in the NanoTrader platform.

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Client proposals

Client proposals are quickly integrated into the trading platform. The proposals are together in one file. Every client can use these tools and indicators. See what other traders have tested and use. The client proposals are FREE.

These are some of examples of FREE shared knowledge:

  • WL Bars
  • Bollinger volatility explosion
  • Donchian channels
  • Heikin Ashi histograms
  • ALL client proposals

Platform with integrated clients' own tools and strategies.

Clients can suggest their own proposals. The proposals will be implemented by our top notch programmers.

"Thanks also for your legendary support. When I look at my friends who have accounts with other brokers, they can only dream of an offer like yours." - Bakaran

"The NanoTrader leaves nothing to be desired - at least for me - and offers an incredible number of possibilities." - Wolfgang

The trading store

Many famous and experienced traders provide their tools and strategies via the unique WH SELFINVEST trading store. Some items are FREE others are paying. After purchase the items are automatically activated in the trading platform.

More than 20 well-known traders make items available such as:

Add tools from famous traders to your trading platform.

Some names in the store you are probably familiar with: Birger Schäfermeier, Michael Voigt, Eric Lefort, Rene Wolfram, Erdal Cene, Wim Lievens, Carsten Umland, Stephane Ceaux-Dutheil, André Stagge...

Buy and sell zones in the chart

NanoTrader shows the combined opinion of all indicators in a chart. If all indicators are bullish the chart background is green. If all indicators are bearish the background is red.

This functionality allows a clean main chart instead of a chart cluttered with many indicators. This trader has two indicators. Their combined opinion is reflected by the background colour in the main chart.

Many technical analysis indicators are combined into one single opinion.

Read more about this popular platform functionality.

The combined opinion of two or more indicators can be used in automated trading.

A permanent demo account

The NanoTrader allows clients to create demo accounts. When placing an order the trader selects a demo account or the real account. The demo accounts can be used for many purposes: testing a new idea, getting familiar with a strategy, trying a new tool etc.

The permanent demo accounts are FREE.


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Advanced charting

The charting and technical analysis on the NanoTrader platform is breathtaking. The platform goes beyond charting by allowing traders to use their own technical analysis for automated trading.

In this simple example the trader drew a blue trend-line. He then instructed his stop loss order to follow his trend-line.

Use a trend-line to put your stop loss order on it.

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Drawing the trend automatically

Many FREE automated drawing tools are integrated in the NanoTrader.

This is the zigzag drawing tool, which is used in several famous trading strategies (Markttechnik, Dow theory...). The benefits of the drawing tools are:

Zigzag drawing tool used in markttechnik.

Test a FREE trading demo

"I have already familiarized myself with the platform and would like to tell you that this is the best platform I have been able to work on so far, congratulations on this cool tool." - Peter
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LiveStatistics allows traders to define an event or a pattern based on a set of parameters. The tool identifies in real-time how many times similar events occurred in the past. These past events are analyzed. Based on how the market price evolved after similar events in the past, projections for the current market price are shown in the chart.

The unique Livestatistics in NanoTrader.

Livestatistics guide and video one and video two

Quick-start automated trading

The TacticOrders tool is an easy method to trade automatically. The tool is designed for traders, who use many technical indicators. The trader simply clicks to define instructions. For example: "buy if all my indicators are bullish" or "buy when the majority of my indicators are bullish". The orders can be placed automatically or only after confirmation by the trader.

This trader uses three indicators, and accepts both buy and short sell orders if all his indicators are bullish or bearish.

The unique tacticOrders in NanoTrader to place orders based on technical analysis indicators.

Quick and easy account opening

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No monthly inactivity fee

FREE trading strategies and signals.

Unique trading store.

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