The main futures markets.

Is not expensive

Placing orders

The order routing fee. To have direct market access, high speed order routing and tick-by-tick market data, traders can use CQG technology. The broker must debit the routing fee from your account and pass it on to the technology provider. The routing fee is only € 0,50 per future per order.

- The order commission. Futures are traded on an exchange. You need a broker and an exchange member to execute, clear and settle your order. WH SelfInvest charges € 2,20 per future per order for these services. Volume discounts are available.

- The exchange fee. The exchange is your counter-party on every trade. They charge a small fee for processing an order. This is called the exchange fee. The broker must debit the exchange fee from your account and pass it on to the exchange. Exchange fees vary. For example, the mini-DAX future exchange fee is € 0,25 and the mini-DOW future exchange fee is $ 1,18.

SignalsRadar is not social trading, not copy trading and no robot.

Example trading commission mini-DAX. The total of the fees is € 2,95. If you trade 1 mini-DAX future, you trade € 60.000 (if the DAX is at 12.000). A € 2,95 fee on € 60.000 is only 0,005% all inclusive.

The commission is quickly recovered. When the DAX goes up 1 point, your profit is € 5. More than the cost of the order.

Example trading commission mini-DOW. The total of the fees is $ 3,89. If you trade 1 mini-DOW, you trade $ 125.000 (if the DOW is at 25.000). A $ 3,89 fee on $ 125.000 is only 0,003% all inclusive.

The commission is quickly recovered. When the DOW goes up 1 point, your profit is $ 5. More than the cost of the order.

You also need tick-by-tick data, historical data and a trading platform

The exchanges require a monthly fee for their real-time, tick-by-tick market data. The fee is around € 20. The broker must collect the fee and pass it on to the exchange. Unlike most other brokers, WH SelfInvest does not up-charge real-time data fees.
You have more and better market data via WH SelfInvest  
Tick-by-tick quotes Yes
Number of order books you can open at the same time 10
Maximum number of lines in order book Up to 20
Time&Sales shows the volume of the executed orders Yes
Time&Sales histograms available in the charts Yes
Every order book change is shown in the Time&Sales Yes
Long historical data Yes
Fast loading historical data Yes
Restrictions on loading historical data No
Volume profile Yes
No fixed subscriptions. You can unsubscribe or change every month. Yes
The main futures markets.


Placing orders


Order commission Order routing fee CQG
Futures and options in € or $: € of $ 2,20 per lot per order € of $ 0,50 per lot per order
CQG offers up to 1.000 ticks per second. The traded market volume is the most precise available. CQG applies a monthly user charge of € 10. High-volume traders can opt for a flat fee of € 395 per month instead of paying the 0,50 per lot per side.
Volume discounts are available. Request a call-back.The discount is applied from the first order. A minimum number of orders is not required. The discount is always applied, even in months when you have low order volume. An agreed discount is never taken away.
Please compare us to other brokers...  
Luxembourg accounts only – account holding € 39 incl. VAT per quarter
Cancel an order Free
Modify an order Free
Liquidation orders No extra charge
Telephone orders No extra charge
Converting currencies No commission
Real-time trading signals Free
Real-time trading strategies Free
Holding positions overnight Free
Monthly inactivity fee No

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Trading platform & historical data packs

  • Combinations of platform and historical data are available from FREE to € 79.
  • Prices are monthly. You can change every month. Simply send us an e-mail.
  • Every client gets a FREE permanent real-time demo in his NanoTrader platform.
  • In addition to NanoTrader we also connect NinjaTrader, MultiCharts, Trade Navigator and Sierra Chart.
Pack NanoTrader Free NanoTrader Full Mobile platforms Historical data
01 Lite Free Free No historical data
02 Lite € 29 Free No historical data
03 Lite Bestseller € 29 Free € 10, today's historical data
04 Starter Free Free € 5, extended historical data
05 Starter Bestseller € 29 Free € 5, extended historical data
06 Standard Free € 20, CQG historical data
07 Standard Bestseller € 29 Free € 40, CQG historical data
08 Standard Bestseller € 29 Free € 50, extended historical data

No historical data: the charts start to develop when the PC is switched on.

Today's historical data: only today's charts, starting at the market open are visible.

CQG historical data: consists of historical data for all futures. 3 months intraday and 3 years end of day. CQG historical data is only available in combination with CQG as order router.

Extended historical data: consists of historical data for the 55 most traded futures. Up to 5 years intraday and up to 15 years end of day.

Starter packs. Only available to new clients for a period of four months. They contain extended historical data for 1 future of your choice. The futures available are the Mini-DAX (FDXM), the CAC 40 (FCE), the AEX (FTI) and the E-mini DOW (YM). After four months the subscription will automatically change to the bestseller Standard 08 pack unless a different instruction is received.

Mobile trading platforms can only be used in combination with CQG as order router.

We strongly recommend the award-winning NanoTrader platform.

SignalRadar tables in NanoTrader.

NanoTrader is magnificent. – K.H.

Your platform is outstanding. – R.R.

Good an reliable software. – M.V.

Free real-time NanoTrader demo

The main futures markets.


Cloud trading explained

A cloud trading solution allows traders to run and operate their trading platform on a professional server.

  • Cloud is useful if you wish to continuously run trading strategies. A professional server is more reliable than your PC and connection.
  • A second advantage is that the server can be accessed via IOS and Android apps. In this way you can use the full functionalities of a trading platform but still work from a mobile device!
  • Cloud is also one of the solutions for Apple Mac owners who wish to use NanoTrader.
Cloud trading (VPS) € 60, € 35 or € 10

€ 35 if you do 1 trade per day. € 10 if you do 2 trades per day. A trade consists of a buy and a sell order on 2 futures contracts, a CFD or a standard forex contract. 1 trade per day or a total of 21 trades per month. 2 trades per day or a total of 42 trades per month. Price excludes VAT.

For more information and to subscribe to the cloud service read this document.