Futures broker met tick-per-tick koersen

Success is only possible with tick-by-tick quotes

All WH SelfInvest clients receive genuine tick-by-tick market quotes. Most futures brokers, including Interactive Brokers supply inferior 1/2 second snapshot updates.

Snapshot quotes show the first few ticks and then, after the bulk of the volume has been traded, one, final tick. They are one second or more slower than the WH SelfInvest market data. This example illustrates the main difference between tick-by-tick and snapshot:

Tick-by-Tick quotes for futures.

The advantages of tick-by-tick quotes for futures traders.

Do not trade futures...

if you do not have tick-by-tick quotes. If you believe that 1-second delays and the absence of 75% of all executed orders in the order book and charts do not impact your trading results, then consider these facts:

  Traders lose money
Traders cannot open and close their positions at the same prices as traders working with tick-per-tick.

  Order execution is inferior
Slippage occurs regularly. One tick less, costs the trader € 12,50 on the DAX future, for example.

  Charts based on ticks are wrong
Range Bars, tick charts, renko charts and point-and-figure charts are unusable.

  Charts are never complete
Trades can be executed at prices, which are not visible in the chart.

  Technical analysis indicators are wrong
All indicators based on ticks become worthless. This can lead to erroneous entries and exits.

  Trading based on volume is impossible
Market profile, Time Price Opportunities, Volume Profile, Price Action, the order book, VWAP and Volume Viewers are unusable. Their information is worthless.

  Back-testing is impossible
Differences between the real-time charts and the historical charts make a back-test irrelevant.

  You will always have doubts
Orders executed at prices not shown in the chart create permanent uncertainty for the trader and make trading unnecessarily stressful.

WH SelfInvest supplies real-time tick-by-tick quotes and market data.

Clients trade serenely and without restrictions!

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