Cloud trading solution (VPS)

A cloud trading solution allows traders to run and access their trading platform on a professional server. This is particularly interesting if you wish to continuously run trading strategies, a professional server being more reliable than your home PC and connection. A second advantage is that the server can be accessed via IOS and Android apps. In this way you can use the full functionalities of a trading platform but still work from a mobile device! Cloud trading is also excellent for Apple Mac owners wishing to use our trading platforms.

This service is available for our NanoTrader and MT 4 trading platforms. This service is top quality and highly professional. The dedicated WHS servers are hosted in a secure underground building in one of the most modern technology centers in Europe, managed according to the regulations of the German financial services regulator. Latency is extremely low. The cost of the service is € 60, € 35 or € 10 per month, depending on the number of trades executed.

For more information and to subscribe to the service read this document.

Cloud trading.