Customizing charts

The NanoTrader trading platform contains a huge variety of trading strategies, signals, drawing tools, client proposals (tools, indicators…) etc. In addition, clients can obtain free and paying tools and strategies from the immensely popular trading store.

It has always been possible to adapt every strategy and tool to personal preferences by, for example, adding a special stop order or removing a signal filter. With these new customization settings, it is now also possible to change the look and feel of everything.

These are the advantages:

  • Line colours can be changed.
  • Line widths can be changed.
  • Lines, indicators… can be made invisible.
  • The colour of channels and trading ranges can be changed.
  • A simple Right-click in the chart is sufficient.

This example shows an indicator proposed by a client. The KDJ indicator is located in the WHS Proposals folder. Right-click the blue bar in the chart and select ‘Express visualization settings’.

NanoTrader settings.

This example shows the customization screen.

NanoTrader charts

This example shows a fully customized KDJ indicator. The KDJ indicator is in a more neutral colour. The green (red) outer band serves as a visual reminder that a buy (short sell) is possible when the KDJ is below (above) this level and all other conditions are met. The ranges are in a stronger yellow.

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Practical implementation

In a main chart, right-click the item you want to customize in the list of chart elements.

Or, in a secondary chart, right-click the blue band.

Select ‘Express visualization settings’.

To make an item invisible, set its line width to 0.