The percentage change tool

This simple yet efficient tool allows traders to precisely measure the size of any market movement. The size of the market movement is measured in percent. Market movements can be measured between any two points in time. The percentage change tool can be used on all time-based charts in any time frame.

The advantages of the percentage change tool:

  • Precise indication in percent of any market move.
  • Easy and quick to use.
  • The percentage change tool is FREE.

This example shows the DAX. The DAX rose by +8,42% between 02.01.2019 and 29.03.2019.

Percentage market change tool.

This example shows the EUR-USD. The EUR/USD dropped by -1,37% in 2019.

EUR USD percentage change.

Practical implementation

Open the chart of the instrument you wish to trade. In the WHS Proposals folder, select the study Percentage Change tool.

The points in time can be selected in the Designer dialog. The format is YYMMDD. The third parameter determines the where in the chart the small message box is positioned.