The SignalRadar Mail & Click service

The Mail & Click service is part of SignalRadar. SignalRadar shows live trades being executed by many trading strategies. Some strategies have excellent historic results but signals are rare. The Mail & Click service sends e-mail notifications when such rare signals occurs.

One click in the e-mail is sufficient to open AND close a position.

The Mail & Click service currently covers two strategies (Tuesday Turnaround DAX and Friday Gold Rush) used by André Stagge. This experienced investor worked for over a decade as a Senior Portfolio Manager in one of Germany’s biggest asset management companies. He managed 2,5 billion Euro in assets and generated more than 500 million Euro in profit after costs for his clients.

These are the advantages of the SignalRadar Mail & Click service:

  • You are informed via e-mail when rare signals occur.
  • The strategies are transparent and have clear rules.
  • The strategies have been designed and are used by an experienced investor.
  • No pressure. You can click until 21h45 in the e-mail to accept a signal.
  • No hassle. The positions are opened AND closed for you.
  • No cost. The Mail & Click service is FREE for clients.

Excellent results

Mail & Click Service.

The service is live since November 2018. An investor who traded one futures contract (or the equivalent in CFDs) based on every signal got these results.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Each strategy generates maximum one trading signal per week. The timing of the entry is not key. Orders can be placed after receipt of the e-mail until 21h45. Positions are kept overnight. Other strategies will be added to the Mail & Click service.

Practical implementation

The Mail & Click service is automatically activated for clients. Clients who do not wish to receive the e-mails or who would like to stop receiving the e-mails can contact the support desk via the usual channels.

You are not yet a client? Open an account to receive this FREE service. The results are excellent. One simple click is sufficient to open AND close the position.

More information?

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