The MACD-v indicator by Alex Spiroglou

A better MACD indicator

The MACD-v indicator was created in 2015 by trader Alex Spiroglou. His indicator was later presented in a 2022 research paper. Alex Spiroglou and his MACD-v indicator were subsequently awarded the Charles H. Dow Award for outstanding research in technical analysis.

The objective of the MACD-v indicator

In general, there are two types of oscillators. Both have at least one major disadvantage.

1. Indicators, which evolve within a range (0 - 100) such as the RSI or Stochastics. The indicator value is comparable between different time-frames and different instruments. These indicators have fixed boundaries and cannot expand with the price moves.

2. Indicators, which do not evolve within a range such as MACD and Momentum. These indicators can expand with price moves, but their values are not comparable between instruments and time-frames.

Alex Spiroglou created the MACD-v indicator with the aim of combining the “best of these two worlds”. The result is an oscillator where on average 95% of the data falls between the two overbought / oversold thresholds of +150 / -150.

The MACD-v indicator designed by Alex Spiroglou.

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MACD-v indicator trading signals

Clients using the NanoTrader Full can use the MACD-v indicator to generate trading signals. The classic MACD interpretation (MACD crosses signal line) is used with a unique twist: the crossing must occur above the overbought / below the oversold threshold. The objective is to remove false signals in sideways markets. These false signals occur in-between the two thresholds.

This example shows a buy signal when the MACD-v was below the -150 threshold and crossed above the signal line.

The MACD-v indicator designed by Alex Spiroglou.

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This example shows a short sell signal when the MACD was above the +150 threshold and crossed below its signal line.

The MACD-v indicator designed by Alex Spiroglou.

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The MACD-v indicator from Alex Spiroglou is a novelty in momentum analysis. By addressing the key limitations associated with the classic MACD and introducing volatility normalization, MACD-v proofs itself to a very robust and versatile tool for identifying changes in momentum.

The MACD-v indicator in the trading platform

1. Open the chart of the instrument you wish to trade.

2. In the 'WHS Proposals' folder, open the 'Indicators' folder and select the MACD-v.

3. If desired, change the settings in the Designer Dialog window.

4. Activate TradeGuard+AutoOrder or AutoOrder to trade (semi-)automatically.