Eric Wagner's Signalradar Table

Trading signals

This SignalRadar table shows real-time trades done by Eric Wagner's SR-Tool. The SR-Tool strategy is applied to CFDs on US stocks, European stocks and on Forex pairs. The SignalRadar table is available in NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full.

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The strategy

The SR strategy analyses repetitive historic patterns and their outcomes. The strategy looks back over a period of five years. Patterns, which repeat themselves, and had a positive outcome, are the basis for a trading signal. The trades based on these signals are shown in the live SignalRadar table.

The strategy is based on day charts. You can open the chart by selecting the template study in the SR-Tool folder. The blue line is Eric Wagner's entry point. The red line is the stop loss. The furthest green line is the profit target. The trade in this example has not yet reached the profit target.

Eric Wagner's EWAG strategy.

The table shows all open positions. The Range slider shows if the trade is profitable or not, and how far the current price is from the profit target and the stop loss. Right-click in the table to jump on an interesting trade. A mouse-over makes a mini chart pop up.

Eric Wagners SignalRadar table.

Eric Wagners SignalRadar table.

I want to buy Eric Wagner's SR-Tool SignalRadar table

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