Webinar package with Erdal Cene

Webinar package with Erdal Cene

Erdal Cene learned his trading skills from scratch after finishing his primary education as a banker. He worked for 15-years at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in various positions in the fixed income, equity and futures trading departments. He was also an official exchange broker. At the same time he graduated in Business Administration and Economics at Frankfurt University.

He is currently working as an independent trader and trading coach. He is also author of the book "Professioneller Börsenhandel", in which he explains how you become an active trader.

By activating this free store package, you get access to over 25 webinars and videos from Erdal Cene. In his webinars, he will discuss and explain various chapters of his book "Professioneller Börsenhandel”. In addition Mr. Cene will analyze and explain the current market trends, trading strategies and will provide examples by using the WHS NanoTrader platform. The webinars are only available in German language.

Erdal Cene Trading Videos


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