GTAS indicators by Bernard Prats-Desclaux

The system created by trader Bernard Prats-Desclaux

The Global Trend Analysis System (GTAS) method was created by Bernard Prats-Desclaux, a proprietary trader and former hedge fund manager. In his book, Stratégies de marchés, published in 2016 by Eyrolles, he explains the GTAS method in detail and presents numerous trading strategies.

According to Bernard, a global method must include technical content (entry and exit management, strategies), risk and position management, but also psychological aspects. Psychology and behaviour are all elements that influence the success of traders on the financial markets. The GTAS method takes all these elements into account. It is not just a "technical" method; it is also, and above all, a method that addresses the " emotional " issues involved in trading.

The GTAS method uses a combination of the six indicators available in the GTAS pack, as well as new tools such as alerts in real time, an automated trailing stop and screeners.

Suitable for : Market indices (DOW, S&P 500...)
: Stocks
: Forex
: Commodities
Instruments : Futures, CFD-Forex and stocks
Trading type : Day trading and swing trading
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Four training webinars (French language) via the NanoTrader Portal tab.

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Bernard Prats-Desclaux writes

The GTAS method includes 6 indicators that are very easy to read and understand. Each indicator corresponds to a specific market phase. Each indicator offers only one interpretation, unlike most traditional technical indicators which can offer contradictory instructions and hinder decision-making. What's more, each indicator supports trading strategies adapted to the context.

The work of Daniel Kahneman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics and a specialist in behavioural finance, is eloquent and groundbreaking. It shows that traders encounter difficulties in their trading because of cognitive biases and hesitations when making decisions.

This is why it is so important to trade using a method that guides our actions, justifies our decision-making and frees us from our negative emotions. This method must instill discipline, concentration and serenity.

GTAS meets all these needs by simplifying decision-making, identifying appropriate strategies and managing risk to help traders make profits over the long term.


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The GTAS BIS indicators

BSI-type indicators such as the BSI CT, BSI MT and BSI LT have been designed to indicate the direction of the trend and provide buy/sell signals at the right moments.

These three indicators are easy to interpret. They monitor price fluctuations in order to intervene when signals converge. Conversely, when the indicators diverge, the investor should refrain from trading.

A BSI-type indicator is easy to read, since it offers a simple binary view : green or red. The indicator operates in on/off mode, just like the markets.

  • A green BSI indicates a bullish trend.
  • A red indicates a bearish trend.

GTAS BIS indicators.

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This is the timing indicator for GTAS trend-following strategies. It offers an entry criterion that leaves no room for hesitation or doubt.

The BSI CT indicator has 3 objectives:

  1. To determine an objective and easy to identify criterion for opening a position.
  2. To limit trading frequency.
  3. To eliminate a trader's main sources of losses.

Conclusion : This indicator makes traders more disciplined, consistent and objective.

2. BSI MT and BSI LT

The BSI MT indicator acts as an additional filter for entries, marking the medium-term trend, as its name suggests... but that is not all. In practical terms, it helps to secure entries by reducing the rate of false signals caused by a slight time lag. Depending on the strategies used, it may be an optional or an essential filter. The BSI MT can be used to secure positions at the cost of a slight deterioration in the risk-reward ratio.

The BSI LT indicator indicates the underlying trend for the time frame in use.

Please note that all the BSIs are subject to regular modifications and improvements in order to optimise the input signals. You will have access to all improvements as part of your subscription to the indicators.

3. The BSI Cloud

The BSI cloud is a binary indicator that moves around prices. It moves like a band or a cloud. It is used to measure the strength of trend and volatility, but also to confirm entry signals, with the aim of increasing the success rate of the strategy. The BSI Cloud can also be used for specific strategies that combine elements of volatility and trend.


4. The BSI Line

The BSI Line is one of the very few indicators to combine elements of trend and volatility. It is non-binary and moves around the price. It is used to validate certain entries and can also be used as a trailing stop, revolutionary in its behaviour, for GTAS strategies specific to the GTAS method.


5. Convergence

Convergence is the latest indicator in the method. It was designed to help traders who struggle to find consistency on the markets. The Convergence indicator compiles the market sentiment of our indicators to give a quick, synthetic and objective view of the market trend : bullish, bearish or neutral.


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New tools (exclusive to NanoTrader)

The NanoTrader platform makes it easy to automate alerts, automatically trigger and manage trades, and even create screeners.

NanoTrader  monitors and sends alerts in real time

The new GTAS features exclusive to NanoTrader make it possible to detect and alert three types of signals, useful for providing a secure framework for trading, useful for preparing the trader for action, and useful for avoiding undisciplined trading :

  • Simple crossing
  • Double crossing
  • Triple crossing
  • All crossings

GTAS crossings.

Signal alerts complement both the strategies presented in the GTAS training videos, and the trading strategies that you can find in my book: Stratégies de marchés.

GTAS allows you to invest in “pockets of rationality”, those market phases which provide maximum convergence and which offer the best risk/reward ratios and the most interesting probabilities of profit.

A BSI Line stop loss order

The BSI Line, GTAS's trailing stop, can now be used for automated position management and algorithmic trading. Using the BSI Line on trend-following strategies increases the risk-reward ratio. What's more, NanoTrader offers an exclusive parameter-setting to adjust the triggering of the trailing stop according to price movements after the position has been opened.

Stop loss order based on the GTAS BIS line.

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The settings for StartTrailing and StopToBreakeven allow traders to adjust their risk- and position-monitoring in a very precise manner.

The GTAS screener

The screener ranks your list of values according to 4 possible criteria. You can simply choose by clicking on the top of a column.

1. BSI LT : rank instruments with positive or negative BSI LT in ascending order.

2. BSI MT : search for instruments with positive or negative BSI MT.

3. BSI CT : as above for BSI CT.

4. Signal : this column indicates the occurrence of signals (single, double, triple) over the last 4 periods.

Each column also indicates during how many periods (over the last 4 periods) the BSI has been positive or negative.

GTAS screener.

Thanks to the screener, you can easily see at a glance which financial assets offer the best opportunities in the chosen timeframe.

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