Stock-box service

Free Stock-Box-Overview document

Which stocks to buy? No time or discipline to manage your own stock portfolio? Not interested in expensive portfolio management or investment funds? ... The stock-box service solves all these issues and more.

The stock-box service is a low cost solution to build a solid stock portfolio and to keep it constantly up-to-date. The stock-box service only uses objective criteria to systematically replace the weak stocks in your portfolio with strong stocks.

Compose a portfolio by selecting one or more stock-boxes. Every month you receive an e-mail containing an overview of the weak stocks and of the strong stocks which should replace them. Click on a link in the e-mail. Your portfolio will be updated. Easy and practical.

This free stock-box-overview contains all 5 stock-boxes. Every stock-box consists of 6 to 8 stocks. These stocks are selected using objective criteria only. They are the stocks which outperform their index the most. Picking only winning stocks is not possible. Therefore the stock-box service also quickly identifies weak stocks and replaces them by strong stocks.

This free stock-box-overview is updated every month. You receive it by e-mail.


Free Stock-Box-Overview document
  • 38 stocks in 5 stock-boxes
  • The recommended stocks (EU & US)
  • Stocks which outperfom the MSCI index
  • Stocks which outperform the DAX index
  • Stocks which outperform the Nasdaq index
  • The rockets (EU & US)
  • Low cost service
  • Updated every month