Free E-Book: Trading Basics (Part 2)

This extensive, yet easy to understand, e-book will take you step-by-step through some of the most important trading basics. There is no better e-book for those who wish to learn how to trade in an efficient way.

Eight key topics are covered in this second part of the series. Several of the topics are related to technical analysis but not all. The topic of 'resistance and support', for example, is essential in every trading style and trading strategy.

Don't hesitate to also read Trading Basics (Part 1). Part 1 covers seven topics: technical analysis, fundamental analysis, inter-market analysis, charts, indicators, oscillators and trends.

This quality e-book is written by the editor of the popular Traders' Magazine will repay your effort of reading it ten times over. It contains the following topics:

  • Resistance and Support
  • Divergences
  • Exaggerations
  • Gaps
  • Fibonacci Levels
  • Risk Management
  • Important Event Dates
  • Keep it Simple
  • Useful links
Trading Basics pdf