Trading platform with free trading strategies.

Free trading strategies

Over 70 free trading strategies are integrated in the NanoTrader Full. New strategies are added on regular basis. Strategies can also be added upon request.

Free trading strategies for traders.

The advantages of the integrated strategies are:

  • The strategies are free.
  • The screener can be applied to all markets (stocks, indices, forex ...).
  • The strategies can be used as they are.
  • The strategies can be modified (without programming).
  • Other indicators, stops ... can be added (without programming).
  • Famous traders designed many of the strategies.
  • For every trading style (scalping, day trading ...) there are strategies.
  • For every market there are strategies.
  • The strategies can be traded manually, semi-automatically or automatically.

The NanoTrader also allows traders to design and test their own trading strategies. In most cases this can be done without programming.

Download a free real-time demo of the NanoTrader trading platform

All bells and whistles

All strategies are complete strategies meaning they have rules for opening the position, managing the position and closing the positions. Many of the strategies include trend filters and time filters. All strategies are free and can be found in the WHS Strategies folder. You can see the folder in the illustration above.

Famous traders

Many of the strategies have been designed by famous traders from all over the world. This example shows the Range Leader strategy designed by Charlie F. Wright. A short sell signal just occurred.

Free trading strategies, which can be used for automated trading.

The Range Leader strategy is popular. Wright’s objective was to create a simple strategy for the part-time and novice traders. He seems to have attained his objective as the Range Leader concept is indeed simple and easy to understand.

Trading styles

The integrated strategies cater for all trading styles: scalping, day trading, break-out trading, swing trading, etc. This example shows a scalping strategy called Scalping SCD. This trading strategy can be classified as a trend continuation strategy following micro-retracements.

Trading strategies for different trading styles.

All traders have their preferred instruments. Some of the integrated trading strategies focus on a single instrument such as the EUR/USD or a particular market index. However, the majority of the trading strategies can be deployed on several instrument categories. Traders who prefer stocks, forex, CFDs or futures will all find a good selection of strategies which they can explore.

Strategies can be used without modification or, they can be modified (time frames, stop and target distances, stop types ...), simplified or expanded (add preferred indicators, different stops, trend filters ...). All is possible without programming. The instant equity chart allows traders to immediately measure the impact of any changes they make!

This video show the trading strategies:


Download a free real-time demo of the NanoTrader trading platform