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The ScaleTrader

This specialised Trader Workstation trading tool allows traders to manage big orders.

The ScaleTrader is a flexible, automated trading algorithm that allows you to scale a large position without being exposed to progressively worse prices. Trade continuously over a specified price range to capture a customised profit offset amount.

The ScaleTrader is designed to help you buy into a weak, falling market at lower and lower prices or to improve your average price. Conversely, you can sell into a market that is expected to fall after reaching unstable highs. The tool also helps you to gradually reduce your long positions.

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The ScaleTrader trading tool in Trader Workstation.

The advantages of the ScaleTrader

  ScaleTrader can be used for stocks, options, futures, forex and bonds.

  It is easy to set up and monitor stock pairs and multi-component combinations.

  Scaletrader can be programmed to trade repeatedly in a volatile market with the "Resize after take profit" function.

  Get price protection for your orders - Fully automate the scaling of large orders to protect trades from increasing price declines.

  Automatically create profit-taking orders for customised profit offsets to sell on temporary price rises or liquidate your positions when the profit target is reached.

  Scaletrader can implement liquidity provision strategies, allowing you to take advantage of rebates offered by exchanges.

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