Multi-asset account.

The account for investors

Open a multi-asset account via one of the biggest brokers for private clients in Europe.

Trade anywhere

Access 150 exchanges in 33 countries.

Trade everything

Stocks, options, ETFs ... 1.200.000 instruments are available.

Rely on speed

A first-class order platform guarantees fast execution.

Opt for comfort

Experience the legendary WH SelfInvest service.

It is free

Opening an account is FREE.

Save money

The lowest commissions possible and real-time quotes at cost.

Receive interest

2,4% on EUR and 3,8% on USD. Rates can change. Conditions apply.

Be mobile

Impressive platforms for web, tablet and smartphone.

Receive alerts and the best articles

Quality articles and stock alerts directly in your mailbox.

Better investing

Access our unique webinars and seminars.

"So far, I am very satisfied with the whole support provided by WHS. I can only confirm the client satisfaction as emphasised in WHS marketing after my short time as a user." - Klaus

"Many compliments on your customer-friendliness. Questions are answered quickly and accurately. Very special in this day and age. You don't often come across that anymore." - René

Who chooses a multi-asset account?

This account is suitable for investors and traders, who want to buy and sell many different instruments on many different markets.

What are the alternatives?

Investors, who focus on US stocks and options, should consider our FREESTOXX zero commission service. Compare the multi-asset account and Freestoxx.

The optimal solution for (day)trading is our specialized Futures account or our specialized CFD-Forex account. These specialized accounts offer many advantages.

WH SELFINVEST is a reliable broker, which I am happy to recommend in my seminars – Michael Voigt, trader

Buy and sell stocks worldwide

Country Instruments
Europe Germany Stocks, ETFs

France Stocks, ETFs

Netherlands Stocks, ETFs

Switzerland Stocks, ETFs

Spain Stocks, ETFs

Sweden Stocks, ETFs

United Kingdom Stocks, ETFs

Austria Stocks

Italy Stocks

Norway Stocks

Portugal Stocks
North America USA Stocks, ETFs

Canada Stocks, ETFs

Mexico Stocks, ETFs
Asia Hong Kong Stocks, ETFs

India Stocks, ETFs

Singapore Stocks

Japan Stocks
Oceania Australia Stocks, ETFs

All markets and instruments

Offices WH SelfInvest.

The service is really first-class. At your company one still gets people on the phone directly. – Thomas

Choose WH SelfInvest.

Opening an account is quick, easy and FREE.

How much should you budget?

The facts

WH SelfInvest is regulated by reputable regulators, offers superior technology and has a proven track record of very satisfied clients. Broker WH Selfinvest...

  Is licensed since 1998.

  Has offices in six countries.

  Is a winner of many broker awards.

  Is known for its legendary service.

The budget

  The lowest commissions possible.

  Extremely low minimum commissions.

Minimum Maximum
Stocks and ETFs in EUR 0,09%
€ 3,95 € 99 routed via Xetra
Stocks and ETFs in CHF
CHF 9,95
Stocks and ETfs in USD $ 0,01 per share
$ 1,95 1%
All markets and instruments

Super fast support team and excellent service! – Michael

The services

Free I Opening an account
Free I Transferring an account to WHS
Free I Closing an account
Free I Processing a dividend
Free I Testing a demo account
Free I Chat, mail or telephone support
Free I Access to webinars and seminars
Free I Weekly e-mails with the best articles
Free I Regular e-mails stock alerts
Free I Market quotes, delayed
At cost I Market quotes, real-time
At cost I Routing, exchange and clearing fees

Great customer service. Always quick and easy support. – Lars

Benefit from a local presence

WH SelfInvest has offices in six European countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany. You are always welcome to make an appointment or to attend a seminar.

You can meet us at any time. You can talk to us at any time.

Information about the account

Interactive Brokers.

JP Morgan bank.

Broker WH SelfInvest.

A reliable partner

A multi-asset account is opened in your name and at your risk with Interactive Brokers (IB). In addition to our general terms and conditions the account is governed by IB's customer agreement and other relevant documents.

A well-known bank

You can fund your account via bank transfer to JP Morgan. Transfers are only accepted if you include your name and account number in the message field of the transfer.

A legendary service

WH SelfInvest is known for its legendary service to retail clients. This broker wins major awards every year and attracts clients who want to invest or trade in an efficient manner.


Open an account

Easy and fast account opening.

Gigantic product range

The lowest commissions possible

Legendary service

I open my account

The minimum to open a fully disclosed multi-asset account is € 5.000 or the equivalent in USD or CHF. The account is allowed to go below this minimum when operational. There is no maximum. If accounts incur interest or other charges, these charges are passed on to the client. Any kind of negative balance is charged at the reference interest rate plus 3%. Interest on securities loans, margin and CFD positions is equal to the reference rate plus or minus 1%, where applicable. Account balances receive interest calculated as the reference rate minus 1%, but not negative.

Active investors wishing to do an unlimited amount of day trades on U.S. financial instruments must maintain an account balance of USD 25.000 or more.

Transferring out

Transferring money out of the account is straightforward. You can create an electronic instruction in the account manager. The account manager can be found on the Clients page of our website. One free withdrawal request per calendar month is allowed.

Benefit from our legendary service

Our support desk is fast, professional and reliable. Clients frequently express their satisfaction.

The broker with quality licenses

Offices WH SelfInvest.

WH SELFINVEST S.A., founded in 1998, has a broker license (nr. 42798), a commissionaire license (nr. 36399) and a portfolio manager license (nr. 1806) granted by the Luxemburg Ministry of Finance. The company is supervised by the "Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier". Based on its European passport, the company maintains: a branch office in France (nr. 18943 acpr) which is also subjected to the supervision of the "Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution" (ACPR) and the "Banque de France", and a branch office in Germany (nr. 122635) which is also subjected to the supervision of the "Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht" (BAFIN). In addition WH SelfInvest has a representative office in Switzerland, which is also subjected to the supervision of the "Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority" (FINMA), and, based on the European passport, representative offices in Belgium and the Netherlands, which were notified to the relevant competent authorities in these countries.