Stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies are all available

What you should budget for

Good to know!

These services are 100% FREE:

  • Real-time quotes
  • Morningstar and WHS TechScan
  • Analyst reports
  • Trading webinars and seminars
  • Web and mobile trading platforms
  • Account statements
  • Tax statement
  • Corporate actions
  • Dividends collection
  • Account administration (EUR 15 per month if no order executed)
  • Free e-mails for investors
  • Investui trading alerts

Stock trading

0,1% per order
minimum EUR 14,95 (EUR 24,95 Tokyo Exchange)
No custody fee


Order size 25 – 10.000 (EUR or USD): 1% per order
Order size 10.001 – 50.000 (EUR or USD): 0, 75% per order
Order size 50.001 – 500.000 (EUR or USD): 0,5% per order
No custody fee

ETFs at low commissions.

0,1% per order
minimum EUR 14,95
No custody fee

Mutual funds at low commissions or commission-free.

0,5% per order
minimum EUR 24,95
No entry and exit fees
No custody fee

Only one commission is charged when one order requires multiple fills on the same day. If your order requires multiple fills over two or more days, one commission will be charged per day.

The above is an overview of the fees for the primary services. The fees for ancillary services as well as any other fees can be found here on the rate card.

Good to know...

Account balances < EUR 250.000 in cash are not charged a negative interest (unless no order is executed in a 12-month period).

Account balances in CHF, SEK and DKK are charged a negative interest. The rates are available in the 'Cash rates' section here on our partner's page.

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