Place orders on trendlines

Place orders on trendlines

Trendline closes position

Trendlines and –channels are popular with active investors and so it should be. The trend plays a key role in any trading strategy. The NanoTrader allows traders to use their trendlines to open and close positions automatically.

The NanoTrader platform can close a position automatically if the market drops below your trendline. This is a stop order which follows your trendline.

Trendline opens position

The NanoTrader platform can be set to open a position when the market breaks through your trendline.

Special trendlines

In addition to your own trendlines you can, for example, also use the interesting trendlines developed by the well-known French trader Eric Lefort. These trendlines are integrated in the NanoTrader platform. They give bullish break-out signals.

Trendlines from Germany

SiWorks Automated Trendline is one of more than 50+ free trading strategies included in the trading platform. This strategy, developed by the German company SignalWorks, is interesting for trendline aficionados.