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The NanoTrader platform comes in two versions: NanoTrader Free and NanoTrader Full.

68% of clients chose WH SelfInvest due to the user-friendliness of the NanoTrader platform (source: Investment Trends).

Opening an account is FREE. There is no monthly inactivity fee.

A user-friendly trading platform

The NanoTrader's user-friendliness and high-speed order execution are confirmed in broker comparisons and industry studies.

These are two examples, which illustrate NanoTrader's user-friendliness.

Trigger an order using your indicators

This trader uses three indicators (MACD, crossing MA, RSI). A Buy or Sell order is triggered when all three indicators are either bearish or bullish. The order is executed automatically or after approval by the trader.

Automated trading is easy with this trading platform.

Never lose after you break-even

This trader will never loose money after the market price is above his entry price. He selected BETrail (short for break-even trail) stop loss order. The platform moved the stop automatically to the break-even level. There are 15 stop order types to choose from in NanoTrader.

The trading platform protects positions with stop orders.

You will be quickly able to trade exactly the way you want (and you will discover new ways of trading). Quality resources are available to support your: support desk, videos, webinars, individual coaching, chat, workshops...


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"I have already familiarized myself with the platform and would like to tell you that this is the best platform I have been able to work on so far, congratulations on this cool tool." - Peter
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"I didn't have such fantastic service with my two previous brokers. Everything works perfectly so far. It's much more fun this way." - Achim
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Questions traders ask

Is it possible to have multiple profit target and stop loss orders on the same position?

Yes. NanoTrader (demo) is the only trading platform in the world, which can handle more than two stops and two targets. This trader bought four (+4) contracts. One (-1- contract has been sold on the first profit target. Three profit targets remain.

Trading platform with multiple targets and stop orders on the same position.

Is it possible to combine different types of stop loss orders on the same position?

Yes. NanoTrader (demo) monitors all your stops loss orders. The safest stop order is the active stop order. This trader combines a trailing stop and a crossing moving average stop. The position is closed with a profit by the trailing stop order.

Trading platform, which combines several stop loss orders on the same position.

Is automated trading possible?

Yes. Automated trading is a major NanoTrader specialty. Fully automated and semi-automated trading are available. You can use the integrated strategies or you can build your own strategies. No programming is required.

Can I add a time instruction to my order?

Yes. Many time instructions are available. Only execute orders during a particular period. Close a position at particular time. Etc.

A platform for every trader

NanoTrader can handle every trading style:

  • Day trading
  • Scalping
  • Swing trading
  • Strategy trading
  • Automated trading
  • ...

Traders can simply combine all ready-to-use components into their trading strategy. Programming is not necessary!

A platform with stunning technical analysis and charts

Every client gets a free permanent demo account.

NanoTrader is recommended by many professionals:

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Questions traders ask

Are your CFD-Forex charts consistent?

Yes. The price you see in the charts is the price on which you can trade. Contrary to many other CFD-Forex brokers we do not show prices, which are different from the prices on which you can trade. Unlike IG Markets, for example, our charts are not based on the mid-price. You cannot trade on the mid-price. Technical analysis is not correct on the mid-price.

Trading platform on which the price you can trade corresponds to the price in the chart..

Are your futures charts tick-by-tick charts?

Yes. Our Futures charts are real tick-by-tick charts. Never trade futures without tick-by-tick quotes. For example, Range Bars, WL Bars, tick charts, renko charts and point-and-figure charts are all wrong without tick-by-tick quotes. Technical analysis is wrong without tick-by-tick quotes.

A platform supported by our legendary service

"Thank you very much for your detailed explanation. I am always impressed with the good support at WH SelfInvest. " - Barbara
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"Thank you very much for the super fast and professional service, I am very glad that I ended up with WH SelfInvest." - Eddie
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A platform for all markets

Via NanoTrader you can trade more than 10.000 instruments at the best conditions:

  • CFDs (indices, commodities...)
  • CFDs on stocks (> 15 stock exchanges)
  • Forex
  • Futures (Eurex, CME, CBOT, Euronext, ICE...)
  • Options on futures
  • ...

New instruments and markets are added regularly.

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You can use all these trading platforms with the same log in.

– NanoTrader Free (FREE)

– NanoTrader Full demo

– TradingView (FREE) demo

– Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android (FREE)

And also...

– Stock3 terminal (FREE)

– NinjaTrader (buy a multi-broker license)

MetaTrader 4

You cannot use the other platforms if you choose MT4.

– MetaTrader 4 (FREE)

– Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android (FREE)

Choose your Futures trading platform(s)


You can use all these trading platforms with the same log in.

– NanoTrader Free (FREE)

– NanoTrader Full demo

– CQG Desktop (FREE)

– Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android (FREE)

– Atas, Volfix, Sierra Charts, Trade Navigator... (buy a license)

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