Stocks, funds, ETFs, currencies are all available

A fantastic product range

Good to know!

The account is a real multi-currency account.

You can split your money and keep it in up to nine currencies. More than 20 currencies are available.


  Trade 23 currencies 24/7 directly against EUR or USD

  Own the currencies in a bank account

  Own the real thing, not indirect via funds, ETFs or warrants

  Simple, no wallet or other such complications needed

  Luxemburg is AAA rated with a solid regulatory environment

  Extremely low commissions

  Minimum order size only EUR 25

Stock trading

USA & Canada – NYSE, NASDAQ, Amex and Toronto
Europe – Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Switzerland
Nordic – Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland
Asia-Pacific – Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia

  Trade on 21 stock exchanges

  Free real-time quotes

  One simple commission for all markets

ETFs at low commissions.

  Choose between more than 20.000 exchange traded funds

  Free independent research and ratings

  Free real-time quotes

  Extremely low commissions

  No custody fees

Mutual funds at low commissions or commission-free.

  Choose between more than 10.000 funds

  Choose between 200 fund managers

  Easy to use screener

  Save up to 50% with 2.800 low-cost funds

  No custody fees

Trading platform

Placing orders and monitoring your portfolio is simply a pleasure with our efficient trading platform. The platform is so easy to use. It is made by people who actually use it. Over 100.000 instruments are available at your fingertips. And don't forget... the real-time quotes are FREE.

Trading platform.

10 super services – Free of charge

In addition to free real-time quotes and free access to Morningstar (value $ 190 per month), clients have free of charge access to these 10 value added services provided by WH SelfInvest.

  TechScan stock selector

  TechScan top pick e-mail

  Analyst reports

  Unlimited access to professional webinars and seminars

  Weekly DAX and Dow market analysis e-mail

  Updates on all instruments during the week

  Monthly update of a stock portfolio based on the most popular analyst picks e-mail

  Weekly stock pick e-mail

  Investui trading signals

  Monthly update of four stock portfolios based on a Nobel Prize winner's theories

Question: How can I find stocks to invest in?

Interesting stocks can be found in Morningstar and WHS TechScan. TechScan performs automated technical analysis. It picks out all stocks, indices and currencies, which are interesting, and presents them to investors in clear tables, with detailed charts and arguments.

Automated technical analysis tool.

Several of the specialist e-mails contain stock picks. Some of these picks are based on fundamental analysis, some are best on technical analysis and some are based on the theories of a Nobel Prize winner. The mails are available in four languages (English, French, German and Dutch) and are free of charge.

Free market news

Question: What are the possibilities for short term trading?

Short term trading opportunities are provided by Investui. Clients receive the alerts from this popular managed account service free of charge. The alerts are send to your mobile phone. The alerts cover the DAX, the S&P 500, GBP/USD and gold.


All services are automatically activated after the account opening.

Good to know!

Accounts with a cash balance of EUR 250.000 or less are not charged a negative interest if at least one order is executed in the last 12 months.

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